Monday, October 19, 2009


- its october 19, 2009 and it hasnt snowed yet here in Fairbanks, Alaska. ITS A RECORD!! I hope for the first year i can actually wear a costume i want and not have to wear sweat pants under it just to stay WARM!!!.

TORRID COSTUMES!!!.. arent they sooo cute my favorite would have to be the pirate and the red riding hood one. they are super cute. They are a little short for me but i still love them. Therir so cute and sassy looking they are PERFECT FOR TORRID GIRLS!! :P but remember girls wear costumes that are appropriate for your age. One thing that my mom always told me is that dont try to be older than you are, cherish your age because time flies and you might not be a young person anymore. Also one more thing that would be cool to learn so you get the full affect of your character or your costume is your make up really go all out because thats what halloween is for to be someone your not it kind of gives you the freedom to do something out of your comfort zone without people thinking your crazy :) so dont be shy when your picking out ur costume dont worry about what your friends might think about it choose the costume that you want and i gaurantee you that you will probably have the best costume out there :)

There will be more blogs before holloween so i can give some more tips on HOLLOWEEN CoSTUmeS :)

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