Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I just want to tell everyone to have a happy new year of 2010!!! were at double digits yeeeeyahhh. lol

What are everyones new years resolution??

Well here are some of mine to keep ur brain thinking if u dont have one yet:
  • eat healthier
  • get a job
  • live a happier life
  • focus on school more
  • try not to worry so much on the things that dont matter
  • give to charity
  • help out at the hospital
  • many many many more!!

I love new years , it gives people the chance to start the year off with a BANG!! and let people start fresh and have no worries about what happened in the later years.. 2010 should be a great year .. Yeah maybe our economy isnt so great right now but people dont need money to be happy or have fun. I feel just having my family is very important and the should be the reason i am happy :)

Well I cant wait to start the new year. i have so much i want to do and acheive i have no idea what im gonna do but thats great thing about having goals... so when you acheive your goals you make urself a brighter, happier person it gives urself accomplishment for sticking to your word and not getting mad at urself for not doing what u wanted.

SO EVERYONE ATLEAST ACHEIVE ONE OF UR NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS!!! not only will it make you feel better it might help others around you



Estee Wright


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