Sunday, August 8, 2010

I love fashion because...

It's a way for people to to express themselves, also in some ways fashion gives people confidence. I know if I went somewhere important in a pair of sweats I would not want to be there, but if I showed up in an outfit that made people 'Aww!' I would be smiling from the roof tops.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm a busy girl!!! These are all the extracurricular activites I'm passionate about...

I'm passionate about many a few that i love: photography, art, cake decorating, organizing parties, designing clothes, and re-decorating rooms. I also love helping my friends find new, cute ways to do their hair.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My fashion icon...

The fashion icon I most identify with Tyra Banks.

I share some opinions with her and her outlook on things. She believes you don't have to be a size 0 to be a model. Also, I love the fashion industry and hopefully when I get older I can make a change and follow my dreams of becoming a model/actress.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I just want to tell everyone to have a happy new year of 2010!!! were at double digits yeeeeyahhh. lol

What are everyones new years resolution??

Well here are some of mine to keep ur brain thinking if u dont have one yet:
  • eat healthier
  • get a job
  • live a happier life
  • focus on school more
  • try not to worry so much on the things that dont matter
  • give to charity
  • help out at the hospital
  • many many many more!!

I love new years , it gives people the chance to start the year off with a BANG!! and let people start fresh and have no worries about what happened in the later years.. 2010 should be a great year .. Yeah maybe our economy isnt so great right now but people dont need money to be happy or have fun. I feel just having my family is very important and the should be the reason i am happy :)

Well I cant wait to start the new year. i have so much i want to do and acheive i have no idea what im gonna do but thats great thing about having goals... so when you acheive your goals you make urself a brighter, happier person it gives urself accomplishment for sticking to your word and not getting mad at urself for not doing what u wanted.

SO EVERYONE ATLEAST ACHEIVE ONE OF UR NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS!!! not only will it make you feel better it might help others around you



Estee Wright

Monday, October 19, 2009


- its october 19, 2009 and it hasnt snowed yet here in Fairbanks, Alaska. ITS A RECORD!! I hope for the first year i can actually wear a costume i want and not have to wear sweat pants under it just to stay WARM!!!.

TORRID COSTUMES!!!.. arent they sooo cute my favorite would have to be the pirate and the red riding hood one. they are super cute. They are a little short for me but i still love them. Therir so cute and sassy looking they are PERFECT FOR TORRID GIRLS!! :P but remember girls wear costumes that are appropriate for your age. One thing that my mom always told me is that dont try to be older than you are, cherish your age because time flies and you might not be a young person anymore. Also one more thing that would be cool to learn so you get the full affect of your character or your costume is your make up really go all out because thats what halloween is for to be someone your not it kind of gives you the freedom to do something out of your comfort zone without people thinking your crazy :) so dont be shy when your picking out ur costume dont worry about what your friends might think about it choose the costume that you want and i gaurantee you that you will probably have the best costume out there :)

There will be more blogs before holloween so i can give some more tips on HOLLOWEEN CoSTUmeS :)

Breast Cancer Month

Breast Cancer.Awareness Month

Im blogging today about Breast cancer month. this topic is especially close to me because two of my family members were diagnoesd with breast cancer and happy to say they both lived through it. Breast cancer is a very serious cancer. But on the light side of that statement Torrid is selling Breast cancer awareness shirts and merchandise. MY favorit would be save the Ta Tas haha i cracked up and i love that shirt. I personally am very happy that i have the oppertunity to have my birthday in the same month :) i was very happy about that. You cant be too young to have signs of breast cancer so take routine home check ups and occasionally get checked at the doctor for it also. The sooner the cancer is found the sooner and easier it will be gone. :)

Remember blog readers stay healthy and happy and you are assured to have a happy life

Tuesday, September 15, 2009



Its the New Sweat Pants :P.
No but Denim is super in right now especially the Skinny Jeans, who would have thought that 80's WOULD BE BACK IN STYLE. i mean what can i say I LOVE THE 80's. i wish i grew up in the 80's. there clothes were so Funky and awesome. Im happy everything is coming back so i get the chance to wear stuff crazy like bright purple leggings and a side ponty tail without people looking at me and saying WOW!! lol. But yes DENIM is IMPORTANT!!.
My fave DENIM from Torrid right now is ALL THE SKINNY JEANs. I love skinny jeans.. thats all bought for back to School Shopping aka BTSS. I bought three Pairs of skinny jeans, three shirts, AND some accessories and i made out like a bandit. IT WAS AWESOME. Also right now torrid has these leggings that Look exactly like jeans but they are leggings they are Awesome ima go buy some when i get my next gift card :). DONT FORGET DENIM BUY SOME DENIM AT TORRID EVERYTHING FITS PERFECT AND ITS COMFORTABLE LUVVVVV IT :)

ESTEE WRIGHT , Fairbanks, Alaska

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