Monday, October 19, 2009

Breast Cancer Month

Breast Cancer.Awareness Month

Im blogging today about Breast cancer month. this topic is especially close to me because two of my family members were diagnoesd with breast cancer and happy to say they both lived through it. Breast cancer is a very serious cancer. But on the light side of that statement Torrid is selling Breast cancer awareness shirts and merchandise. MY favorit would be save the Ta Tas haha i cracked up and i love that shirt. I personally am very happy that i have the oppertunity to have my birthday in the same month :) i was very happy about that. You cant be too young to have signs of breast cancer so take routine home check ups and occasionally get checked at the doctor for it also. The sooner the cancer is found the sooner and easier it will be gone. :)

Remember blog readers stay healthy and happy and you are assured to have a happy life

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