Tuesday, September 15, 2009



Its the New Sweat Pants :P.
No but Denim is super in right now especially the Skinny Jeans, who would have thought that 80's WOULD BE BACK IN STYLE. i mean what can i say I LOVE THE 80's. i wish i grew up in the 80's. there clothes were so Funky and awesome. Im happy everything is coming back so i get the chance to wear stuff crazy like bright purple leggings and a side ponty tail without people looking at me and saying WOW!! lol. But yes DENIM is IMPORTANT!!.
My fave DENIM from Torrid right now is ALL THE SKINNY JEANs. I love skinny jeans.. thats all bought for back to School Shopping aka BTSS. I bought three Pairs of skinny jeans, three shirts, AND some accessories and i made out like a bandit. IT WAS AWESOME. Also right now torrid has these leggings that Look exactly like jeans but they are leggings they are Awesome ima go buy some when i get my next gift card :). DONT FORGET DENIM BUY SOME DENIM AT TORRID EVERYTHING FITS PERFECT AND ITS COMFORTABLE LUVVVVV IT :)

ESTEE WRIGHT , Fairbanks, Alaska

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